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Following the success of Symphony No.2 in 1955, Hovhaness' music was published by Peters Edition for almost two decades. They administer over 200 works, the bulk of his published output. They ceased publishing Hovhaness in 1972 (except for 1982's Symphony No.50). Opus numbers often conflict wildly with actual chronology since many works were published years after their composition.

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Peer publishes some seminal early Hovhaness works, including the Lousadzak piano concerto and the Saint Vartan Symphony. When Hovhaness left Peters Edition in 1972, Peer again published some works until 1977.

AMP / Schirmer

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AMP (now part of G Schirmer) published Hovhaness from 1950 to 1955. Their catalogue includes several early masterpieces, including Prelude And Quadruple Fugue, Concerto No.7 for Orchestra and Symphony No.2 (Mysterious Mountain). Following the success of the latter work, Hovhaness signed to Peters Edition for 17 years. AMP published 3 new works in 1974.

Fujihara Music
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Fujihara Music publishes the composer's works from the mid-1970s onwards, which includes most of the last 35 symphonies. It also includes any unpublished earlier Hovhaness works, and for such works it owns the copyright and administers sales and rental.