Gallery: Early Discs
Poseidon Society Discs (1971-75)

From 1971 to 1975 the composer's Poseidon Society label released 17 discs of his music, each conducted, performed or supervised by himself. To minimise production costs, all covers were printed in monochrome showing the same image of a ruined 14th century church (Spitakavor Astvatsatsin, high above the Armenian town of Yeghegnadzor). A circular green label identified the recorded work(s) on the front side, whilst on the backs the composer provided basic but authoritative program notes.

Poseidon recordings were usually made in London, England, where it cost one-fifth as much to record an orchestra as in New York. Sometimes an 'orchestra' consisted of session musicians who came together under an invented name (e.g. National Philharmonic Orchestra for St. Vartan Symphony), but the composer also conducted internationally renowned orchestras such as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for Symphony No.11 All Men Are Brothers.