1980s/90s Gallery
Delos recording session, 1993

Several Hovhaness reordings were made by Delos International in the 1990s, helping to secure a late revival for the composer on both sides of the Atlantic. A very successful first release featuring the Mount Saint Helens Symphony was followed by a disc featuring Mysterious Mountain and And God Created Great Whales. It is from these recording sessions that this photograph was taken, the now-ailing composer pictured with conductor Gerard Schwarz and Delos founder and president Amelia Haygood.

Haygood was originally a clinical psychologist, but in her fifties founded Delos, one of whose aims was to promote American artists and composers. Her label oversaw six Hovhaness CD releases between 1993 and 1995, featuring premiere recordings of strings quartets, late symphonies and vocal works.

Photograph Delos International. Courtesy of Delos Photo Archive.