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Decmeber 2015
• Four Bagatelles for String Quartet Op.30
• String Quartet No.4 Op.208 No.2
• Sonata For Violoncello and Piano Op.255
• Trio I (1935) Op.3

The Alder String Quartet: Susan Baer & Stephen Cresswell, violins;
Roxanna Patterson, viola; Buell Neidlinger, cello.

Sheila Weidendorf, piano

VIV8806 • Timing 49:24 • D|D|D

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September 2014
• Twelve Armenian Folk Songs Op.43
• Ghazal Op.36a 1st recording
• Shalimar Op.177
• Sonata 'Cougar Mountain' Op.390
• Fantasy Op.15 1st recording
• Dark River and Distant Bell Op.212 1st piano recording

Alessandra Pompili
Dynamic CDS 7701 • Timing 52:51 • D|D|D

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April 2013
• Child in the Garden Op.168
• Ko-ola-u Op.136
• Psalm and Fugue Op.40a 1st recording of piano 4-hands transcription

• Dello Joio: Family Album • Franco Antonio Mirenzi: Incantesimo
• Jennifer Castellano: Lullaby • Urmas Sisask: DieSpirale Symphonie
• Morton Feldman: Piano Four Hands • Andrew Rudin: A Birthday Bagetelle
• David Rakowski: Étude-Fantasies • Romualds Jermaks: Threshing Song

Piano Duo Venti Dita (Marvin Rosen, Jennifer Castellano)
Piano Duo Venti Dita • Timing 57:27 • D|D|D

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Hovhaness Nicola Giosmin - Complete Sonatas and Sonatinas

Hovhaness Nicola Giosmin - Complete Sonatas and Sonatinas

Hovhaness Nicola Giosmin - Complete Sonatas and Sonatinas

December 2012
Volume 1
• Piano Sonata Ricercare Op. 12 (1935)
• Piano Sonata ‘Catamount’ Op. 345 (1980) 1st recording
• Piano Sonata Op. 399 (1986) 1st recording
• Piano Sonata ‘Cougar Mountain’ Op. 390 (1985) 1st recording
• Piano Sonatina Op. 120 (1962)
Volume 2
• Piano Sonata ‘Bardo’ Op. 192 (1959)
• Piano Sonata ‘Mount Ossipee’ Op. 299, No.2 (1977)
• Piano Sonata ‘Journey to Arcturus’ Op. 354 (1981) 1st recording
• Piano Sonata ‘Mount Belknap’ Op. 299, No.1 (1977) 1st recording
Volume 3
• Piano Sonata ‘Prospect Hill’ Op. 346 (1980)
• Piano Sonata ‘Fred the Cat’ Op. 301 (1977)
• Piano Sonata ‘To Hiroshige’s Cat’ Op. 366 (1982)
• Piano Sonata ‘Tsougouharu Fujita’s Sleeping Cat’ Op. 368 (1982)
    1st recording

• Piano Sonatina ‘Meditation on Mount Monadnok’ Op.288 (1977)
Volume 4
• Piano Sonata ‘Blue Job Mountain’ Op. 340 (1979)
• Piano Sonata ‘On the Long Total Eclipse of the Moon: 6 July 1982’
   Op. 367 (1982) 1st recording
• Piano Sonata Op. 145 (1956)
• Piano Sonata ‘Lake of Van’ Op. 175 (1959) 1st complete recording
Volume 5
• Madras Sonata Op. 176, No. 1 (1947, 51, rev. 59)
• Sonata Ananda Op. 303 (1977)
• Piano Sonata ‘Mount Kathadin’ Op.405 (1987)
Volume 6
• Piano Sonata ‘Mount Chocorua’ Op. 335 (1982)
• Poseidon Sonata Op. 191 (1957)
Volume 7
• Piano Sonata ‘Mount Shasta’ Op. 299 No.3 (1936, rev. 1977)
• Piano Sonata ‘Lake Sammamish’ Op. 369 (1982)
• Sonata Op. 22 (1938, later withdrawn)

Nicola Giosmin, piano
TAUKAY 142-147 and 151 • Total timing 4h:59m:29s D|D|D (download only)

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Alan Hovhaness BMOP disc

July 2012
• Symphony No.1 'Exile' Op.17, No.2 (1937, rev. 1970)
• Symphony No.50 'Mount St. Helens' (1982)
• Fantasy on Japanese Woodprints* (1965)

*Ron Johnson, marimba
Seattle Symphony, Gerard Schwarz, conductor

Naxos 8.559717 • Timing 65:40 D|D|D
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Gloriae Dei Cantores

March 2012
• Cantate Domino (Psalm 98) Op. 385 1st recording • Immortality Op. 134 1st recording • Unto Thee, O God Op. 87, No. 2 1st commercial recording
• Triptych: Ave Maria Op. 100, No. 1a • Simple Mass Op. 282 1st recording
• From the End of the Earth Op. 187 • Three Motets, Op. 259 • Peace Be Multiplied (No.1) • God Be Merciful Unto Us (Psalm 67) (No.2) 1st recording • Wisdom (No.3) 1st recording • Hear My Prayer, O Lord (Psalm 143) Op. 149 1st recording • I Will Rejoice in the Lord Op. 42 1st recording
• Why Hast Thou Cast Us Off Op. 87, No. 1 1st commercial recording
• The God of Glory Thundereth Op. X 1st recording • O Lord God of Hosts Op. 27 1st recording
Gloriæ Dei Cantores, Director: Elizabeth C. Patterson
GDCD 0525 • Timing 75:33 D|D|D (SACD)

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Alan Hovhaness BMOP disc

October 2011
• Symphony No.1 'Exile' Op.17, No.2
• Armenian Rhapsodies 1-3 (1944)
• Song of the Sea* (1933) First recording
• Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Strings** (1980)

*John McDonald, piano | **Kenneth Radnofsky, soprano saxophone
Boston Modern Orchestra Project
Conductor: Gil Rose

BMOP/Sound 1015 • Timing 67:29 D|D|D

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June 2009
• Symphony No.3 Op.148 World premiere, October 1956
• Stravinsky: Symphony in C
• Howard Hanson: Symphony No.4 World premiere
• Roy Harris: Symphony No.7 Original version, world premiere
• Paul Hindemith: Symphony in E flat
• Karl Amadeus Hartmann: Symphony No.2 'Adagio'

LIVE: Leopold Stokowski | NBC Symphony Orchestra | Symphony of the Air | WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln | Saint Louis Symphony
GHCD 2379/80 • Timing 149:29 • A|D|D
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June 2010
THE 1950 DIAL RECORDINGS Audio download only
• Lousadzak Op.48
• Tzaikerk Op.53 No.2
• Achtamar Op.64
• Shatakh Op.73 No.2

Maro Ajemian (piano), Anahid Ajemian (violin), Manhattan Chamber Orchestra,Alan Hovhaness conductor
Soundmark Records • Timing 36:26

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MixUp USD9.92

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November 2010
From the Edge of Time: Piano & flute Music - 1950s to the Present

• Orbit No.2, Op.102 (1952) version with flute and piano

• Benejam: Sonata for flute and piano
• Ordóñez: Toccata, Nocturnes 1 & 3
• Part: Für Alina, Variationen Zur Gesundung von Arinuschka, Spiegel Im Spiegel

Victor Manuel Morales - piano, Pablo Hidalgo Wong - flute
Prodisc SDX28873 • Timing 55:43 • D|D|D

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Hovhaness at

Hovhaness at

January 2009
• Trio I for piano, violin & cello Op. 3 (1935) First Recording
• Sonata Ricercare for piano Op. 12 (1935) First Recording
• Artinis (Urardüan Sun God) for piano Op. 39 (1945) First Recording
• Suite for oboe & bassoon Op. 23 (1949) First Recording
• Poseidon Sonata for piano Op. 191 (1957) First Recording
• Bardo Sonata for piano Op. 192 (1959) First Recording
• Sonatina for piano Op. 120 (1962) First Recording
• Trio for strings* Op. 201 (1962) First Recording
• Three Haikus for piano Op. 113 (1965) First Recording
• Night of a White Cat for clarinet & piano Op. 263 (1973)
• Sonata for 2 bassoons+ Op. 266 (1973) First Recording
• Sonata for 2 clarinets** Op. 297 (1977) First Recording
• Sonata for oboe & bassoon Op. 302 (1977) First Recording
• Sonata for solo viola Op. 423 (1992) First Recording

Paul Hersey, piano; Christina Fong, violin|viola; Libor Soukal, bassoon;
Jiøí Šesták, oboe; Karen Krummel, cello; Michael Kornacki, clarinet; John Varineau, clarinet**; Radek Dostál, bassoon+; Christopher Martin, viola*
OgreOgress XXX • Timing 126:00 • D|D|D • 96kHz|24bit Audio DVD

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About Hovhaness Wind Symphonies

December 2009
• Symphony No.7 'Nanga Parvat' Op.178
• Symphony No.14 'Ararat' Op.194
• Symphony No.23 'Ani' Op.249

Trinity College of Music Wind Orchestra,
conductor: Keith Brion

Naxos 8.559385 • Timing 62:12

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Presto Classical

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September 2009

• The Garden of Adonis, Op.245 (1971) suite for flute and harp

Plus flute/harp works by
Fauré, Franchi, Gounod, Ibert, Piazolla

Anthony Ferner (flute), Helen Webby (harp)
Ode Records CDMANU2050 • Timing __:__ D|D|D

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June 2009
• Symphony No.1 'Exile' Op.17, No.2 (US premiere, Dec 1942)
• Milhaud: Symphony No.1 (1st New York performance)
• Copland: Symphony No.2 (US premiere, Jan 1944)*
• Jose Serebrier: Symphony No.1 (world premiere) 1st recording

LIVE: Leopold Stokowski / NBC and *Houston Symphony Orchestras
GHCD 2347 • Timing 72:51 • A|D|D

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• Conflict (2nd movement) audio clip
• Triumph (3rd movement) audio clip
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April 2009
• Saturn
• Ghazal No.1*

• Schubert: Shepherd on the Rock

Lucy Shelton: Soprano, Lawrence Sobol: Clarinet, Peter Basquin: Piano
*Alan Hovhaness, piano

Grenadilla CD RGP91009 • Timing 66:47

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March 2009
• Four Motets Op.268 (1973) for Chorus SATB First recording

Plus modern choral works by Egon Cohen, Paul Nicholson,
Paul French, Easley Blackwood, Robert Kreutz,
William Ferris, William C. White

William Ferris Chorale directed by Paul French
Cedille CDR 90000 109 • Timing 64:10

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January 2009
• Ode to the Temple of Sound (1954) First recording
• Symphony No.10 Vahaken First recording
• Meditation on Zeami First recording
• Floating World First complete recording

Frost Symphony Orchestra, University of Miami / Chung Park
Centaur CRC 2954 • Timing 58:00 • D|D|D

Listen to mp3 audio clips:
• Ode to the Temple of Sound audio clip
• Vahaken Symphony audio clip
• Floating World audio clip
• Meditation on Zeami audio clip

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February 2008
• Concerto for Soprano Saxophone & Strings, Op.344 First recording
• Other works with saxophone by Villa-Lobos (aria from Bachianas Brasilieras #5), Bruzdowicz, Morgan, Raman, Kilar, Leatherbarrow and Bozza Includes 1st recordings

Greg Banaszak, saxophone,
Beethoven Academy Orchestra conducted by Piotr Borkowski

Centaur CRC 2889/90 • Timing 86:22 link for this CD link for this CD

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